what not to wear on safari in tanzania

what not to wear on safari in tanzania

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What not to wear on safari in Tanzania

When going on a safari in Tanzania, it is important to be mindful of what not to wear, as certain clothing items or accessories can be inappropriate or even dangerous. Here are some things to avoid wearing on a safari in Tanzania:

  1. Bright colors: Avoid wearing bright colors or patterns, as they can attract animals and make them wary.

  2. Perfume or cologne: Strong scents can attract insects, which can be a nuisance during a safari. Additionally, some animals, such as big cats, have a keen sense of smell and may be deterred by strong scents.

  3. Jewelry: Avoid wearing jewelry, as it can be distracting and potentially dangerous if it catches on to something.

  4. Open-toed shoes or sandals: These types of footwear do not provide adequate protection for your feet and can be dangerous in areas with thorny vegetation or wildlife.

  5. Revealing clothing: It is important to dress modestly and respectfully, especially when visiting local villages or communities.

  6. Camouflage clothing: Camouflage clothing is illegal to wear in Tanzania and should be avoided.

Overall, it's best to wear practical and comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the activities you will be participating in and respectful of the environment and local customs

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