tanzania travel safaety

tanzania travel safaety

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Tanzania travel safaety

Tanzania is generally a safe country to travel to, with a low incidence of violent crime. However, like any country, there are some safety considerations that travelers should keep in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip:

  1. Avoid walking alone at night, especially in urban areas: Petty theft and muggings can occur, especially in busy areas.

  2. Be cautious of pickpockets and bag snatchers: Keep your valuables close to you and avoid carrying large sums of cash.

  3. Use reputable tour operators: When booking a safari or other adventure activities, make sure to use a reputable tour operator with experienced guides.

  4. Be aware of wildlife: When on safari or hiking in nature reserves, keep a safe distance from wildlife and follow the instructions of your guide.

  5. Respect local customs and traditions: Tanzania is a conservative country, and visitors should dress modestly and be respectful of local customs and traditions.

  6. Drink bottled water: Tap water in Tanzania is not always safe to drink, so make sure to drink bottled water or purified water.

  7. Get vaccinated: Make sure to consult with your healthcare provider before traveling to Tanzania and get any necessary vaccinations.

  8. Be prepared for the weather: Tanzania can be hot and humid, so make sure to bring appropriate clothing and sunscreen. In mountainous areas, temperatures can be cooler, so bring warm clothing as well

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