what is in honeymoon on tanzania safaris

what is in honeymoon on tanzania safaris

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What is in Honeymoon on Tanzania safaris

Some people say that your wedding is the most unforgettable day of your life,

but it’s your honeymoon that you will truly remember. Your wedding day will whisk by with the ceremony, pictures, and endless greetings from the guests. But your honeymoon is all about relaxing and starting the adventure of marriage. 

While many people spend their honeymoons in Paris, Rome or another city famous for romance, traveling to a more exotic destination offers more opportunities. Many popular places are overdone when it comes to honeymoons. 

Tanzania is not one of them! With untouched beauty and breathtaking landscapes, Tanzania is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. 

Your honeymoon is all about enjoying one on one time with your favorite person in the world. In Tanzania, you can spend days lounging on the beach in  Zanzibar or head out for an early morning game drive in the famous Serengeti. 

Is Tanzania Good For a Honeymoon? 

Yes! Tanzania is one of the best countries for a honeymoon. Partly because the Tanzanian lifestyle is about relaxation and partly because the country has some serious romantic activities and landscapes. 

Imagine waking up in the middle of Serengeti National Park and heading off for a hot-air balloon ride with your new spouse. After being in the high skies of the most well-known national park in the world, you can head back to your luxury lodge for a fresh breakfast. 

You spend the rest of the day at the lodge pool. In the evening, you head off for a game safari to see the Big 5. The day ends with an amazing dinner underneath the clear African starry sky. 

Or you can start your honeymoon on the beaches of Zanzibar. Wake up right on the edge of the Indian ocean and start the day with a beachside massage. Walk along the soft sand with a fresh coconut in one hand and your partner’s hand in the other. 

Tanzania honeymoons are perfect for couples that want to relax but also want to put some adventure into their vacation. 

How Much Does a Honeymoon in Tanzania Cost? 

There’s a wide range of costs for Tanzania honeymoons. The exact price will depend on your accommodation, which national parks you visit, and if you plan to travel around the country or stay in one place. 

Tanzania honeymoons are much more affordable than popular honeymoon destinations because the cost of living there is much lower than in other countries. You’ll find that hotel and food costs are especially cheap. 

For a Tanzania safari package and a few days in Zanzibar, you can expect to spend about $5,000 per person. The price will increase with the more days you spend in the country or if you choose to opt for luxury accommodation. 

Prices also depend on which season you’re visiting. During the peak season (June through September) you can expect to spend more. This is the dry season so you have perfect weather both for wildlife viewing and for sunny days at the beach. 

If you choose luxury accommodation, you can expect to pay between the $7,000 to $10,000 range for a 10-12 day safari. 

If you and your partner want the best that Tanzania has to offer, the top-notch luxury safari packages start at $10,000 per person. 

If you don’t want to spend 10 days on a safari and choose a package with fewer days and fewer parks, you will spend less. 

Why is Tanzania The Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

There are about a thousand reasons why Tanzania is the perfect honeymoon destination! 

Take a Romantic Safari

Book a private safari for you and your spouse. You’ll set out in the early morning cool air in a safari jeep to see all the animals up close. Evening safari rides are also allowed in some parks. 

Nothing is more romantic than being cozied up with your loved one with the noises of the wild all around you. 

The vehicles are open-sided allowing you to see the giraffes eating from the trees and the lions and zebras grazing along in the open prairies. 

Parks like Serengeti also boast a large variety of birds. You can wake up and go to sleep with them singing their gentle songs. 

At the end of your safari, head to your luxury lodge or tented camp. Luxury lodges have all the modern amenities to make your honeymoon comfortable even though you’re right in the middle of the parks! 

You’ll be treated to a home-cooked dinner by a professional chef followed by a decadent dessert and live traditional African entertainment. 

After a day in the wild, you both can lay your head down on a soft bed or take a bath in your suite’s whirlpool tub. 

If you choose to have more rugged accommodation, you can zip up your canvas tent and hear the sounds of the animals as you drift off to sleep with your best friend. 

Witness the Great Migration

Ready to see thousands of wildebeests and zebras crossing from Tanzania to Kenya? Witnessing the Great Migration is a special experience for anyone, especially when you have your new spouse next to you. 

The Great Migration is one of the seven wonders of Africa. It happens in different stages all year round in the Serengeti. From January to March, you can see the wildebeest giving birth to their calves and teaching them to walk for the first time. 

From June through October, you can see millions of animals making their journey across the savannas and the Grumeti River. 

The Great Migration is on many people’s bucket lists, so why not scratch this item off with your spouse? 

Lounge on the World’s Most Pristine Beaches 

A beautiful beach is the main mental picture people get when they imagine the perfect honeymoon. Zanzibar, the large island off the coast of Tanzania is a premier beach destination with soft white sand and clear turquoise waters. 

You can take a private boat road to some of the world’s best snorkeling. Jump off the boat hand and hand as you explore Zanzibar’s teeming marine life. 

Many of the beaches including Nungwi are perfect for scuba diving or just lying in the sand with a good book. 

Other popular beaches like Paje are perfect for adrenaline-seeking couples because the water is perfect for kite surfing and scuba diving. 

You can also take a romantic tour through Stone Town and try all the local spices that make Tanzanian food so special. 

Fly High in a Hot Air Balloon

Imagining a hot air balloon ride in the beautiful Serengeti sunrise as part of your honeymoon? Sail away high above the savanna as you see colors of gold, pink, and purple streak across the sky as you hold your partner close in the crisp morning air. 

After getting back to land, a huge breakfast spread will be waiting for just the two of you right in the middle of the wild. 

You can enjoy a glass of champagne, fresh fruit, and other delicious breakfast items made special for you by private chefs. 

Eat Dinner Under the Stars

A romantic candlelit dinner should be part of every honeymoon. While most newlyweds enjoy this tradition at an outdoor restaurant, in Tanzania you eat right in the middle of the savanna. 

Dinner starts with wine or cocktails that you can sip slowly as you watch the sunset. After enjoying some appetizers and drinks, one of the lodge’s staff members will walk you to your prepared table in an exclusive spot in the national park. 

The chef will present you with a three-course meal including dessert and unlimited drinks. 

The best part is that once your food is served, it’s just you and your partner together under the stars in one of the most romantic places in the world. 

You’ll have many different choices for dinner. Some couples choose to have a fancy feast while others prefer more of a laid-back approach with just drinks and barbecued meat. 

Whatever you choose, the lodge’s staff members are there to make the night something you’ll never forget. 

Take a River Cruise 

While Serengeti and the other northern circuit national parks are the most common places visited by honeymooners, there are also parks in the southern and western parts of the country that are worth visiting because of their romantic setup. 

Selous Game Reserve is a top spot for honeymoons because of the chance to take a beautiful boat safari with your loved one. 

The Rufiji River is one of the longest rivers in the world and flows into the Indian Ocean. Take a romantic riverboat cruise along the Rufiji and see hippos and crocodiles lounging on the banks. 

Hundreds of species of birds also live along the riverbanks and up in the trees surrounding the water. 

Sit back cuddled up with your spouse with a drink in hand as you experience the amazing flora and fauna in southern Tanzania while in Selous. 

From Selous, you can continue on a southern circuit safari to see more of the national parks of Tanzania. 

Luxury Lodges With Endless Amenities 

Your accommodation while on safari in Tanzania can range from luxurious to rugged depending on your budget and how you and your partner want to spend your time. 

One of the top reasons why Tanzania is a prime location for honeymoons is because of the amazing luxury lodges that are available in places like Serengeti National Park and Tarangire National Park. 

Wake up to the staff bringing you fresh fruits and coffee. Head to the dining area for endless courses of food, tea, desserts, and drinks. 

Many of the top lodges also have pools, libraries, rooftop lounges, bathtubs, TVs, and WIFI. 

If you and your spouse prefer something more lowkey, you can choose from a mobile camp or a permanent camp. These campsites have canvas tents where you can sleep among the wildlife. 

The permanent tented camps have many of the same modern amenities that lodges have including in-suite bathrooms, electricity, and sometimes WIFI. 

Canvas tents are the perfect way to be one with nature. Just unzip the tent to see the amazing wildlife around you. 

World Class Service and Hospitality 

Tanzania is well known for the local people that are always smiling and ready to help. You’ll find world-class hospitality from everyone you meet including the wonderful staff members at safari lodges and Zanzibar hotels. 

Many of the luxury lodges include room service or a personal butler that is available to bring you food and drinks. You’ll also have a personal safari guide that leads all your game drives and walking safaris. 

Your safari guide also helps you book extra excursions that you might be interested in. They’re also the ones to plan your private dinners or other romantic outings. 

Primate Trekking 

Experience the thrill of encountering one of the most beautiful animals in the world with your partner. The most popular spots for chimpanzee encounters are in the western parts of Tanzania including Mahale and Gombe national parks. 

Just like with a safari, you’ll have a friendly guide that takes you through the parks. After trekking through the dense forests, you’ll head back to your lodge or campsite for a romantic dinner and live entertainment. 

Which African Country is Best for a Honeymoon? 

There are many countries in the huge continent of Africa that make for an amazing honeymoon. Most honeymooners coming to Africa want to see traditional African life, go on wildlife viewing excursions, and spend a few days at the beach. 

Some countries are better for wildlife viewing than others which is why Tanzania is number one for African honeymoon destinations and the best time to visit Tanzania is the dry season from June through October. 

Tanzania is a unique experience for couples starting their life together. It’s one of the best places to experience romance and adventure with fewer tourists than in other places. 

Experience Honeymoon Bliss in Tanzania! 

From luxury lodges to sunrise hot air balloon rides to romantic dinners under the stars, Tanzania has everything you dream of when you imagine the perfect honeymoon with your special someone. After experiencing all that national parks have to offer, you can end your honeymoon on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar. 

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