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A place where unforgettable memories are weaved from genuine wide smiles and your adventures inspire a lifetime of stories to tell over and over again

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking

Hakuna Matata

Approximately 5,895m,

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Mount Meru Hiking

Karibu Rafiki

At a height of 4,563m

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Usambara Mountain Hiking

Tembea Polepole

At the height of 2200m


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A place where unforgettable memories are weaved from genuine wide smiles and your adventures inspire a
lifetime of stories to tell over and over again.

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Card image cap Olduvai Gorge-Tanzania

The significance of

the site for understanding the origins

of sophisticated hominin behavior, such as foraging strategies, is documented by abundant butchered bones and evidence of repeated transport of portions of at least 48 large mammal carcasses (mostly Bovidae) to this location on the paleolandscape. .

DancingSimbaSafaris understands that your holiday dreams can be specific. We can make your African holiday suit your needs, wants and desires. We are always up for a challenge! Let us know your extraordinary ideas and we can give you advice and put together a personalised itinerary for you.

Tanzania is the optimal destination for a safari.

The tranquillity of the ancient national parks will allow you to revitalize from the moment of arrival. The vast amount of plant and animal species ensure that no day is like the other.

It is home to the plains of the infamous Serengeti National Park, the breath taking Ngorongoro Crater, the canopies of baobabs at the Tarangire National park and Lake Manyara which features tree-climbing lions. Tanzania safaris are assured to exceed every expectation you have.

Card image cap Olduvai Gorge-Tanzania

Mary and Louis Leakey discovered

Zinjanthropus boisei (Zinj)

at this site known as FLK in 1959, then the oldest significantly intact hominid fossil from Olduvai Gorge. From the 1960-61 excavation of the Level 22, i.e. the FLK-Zinj layer, Leakey reported approximately 2500 Oldowan stone artifacts and 3500 fossil bone specimens, including remains of Homo habilis and Zinjanthropus (later renamed Paranthropus boisei). The site is recognized as one of the prime examples of a localized, dense concentration of Oldowan tools and fossilized bones.