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Becoming a volunteer in East Africa is an experience that can be mutually beneficial to both volunteers and the local community, if done correctly. It is critical to be aware of organizations that are in it for the monetary gains of the increasingly popular trend of voluntourism, versus effectively contributing to a local community. This may lead you to believe that finding opportunities to volunteer in East Africa that are reputable and match your needs will be entirely overwhelming.

Volunteering Program And Projects

V olunteer in Tanzania with Projects Abroad and support local communities in need. This is a great opportunity to experience life in East Africa while immersing in local culture and traditions. .

There are many different volunteer opportunities in Tanzania to choose from! You can support early childhood education and teach English at a rural Maasai school, help build classrooms. You can also raise awareness about women’s rights to empower marginalized communities.

Our projects are based in Arusha and Moshi. These locations are ideal to experience local culture while making a difference. We have dedicated staff on the ground who will be available to assist you.

Volunteering in Tanzania will open your eyes to a variety of cultures in this region. You’ll have plenty of free time to explore! You can visit local markets, buy Batik artworks, and learn about the Maasai tribe.

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Voluntourism Projects in Tanzania

Our voluntourism projects allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of Tanzania while at the same time making a difference.

This is an excellent way to get the most out of your holiday in Tanzania

Great for the young, responsible traveller. DancingSimbaSafari offers a range of support services as well as life changing experiences to enrich and inspire the young traveller.

How to decide which project to support

We offer a wide range of volunteer projects in East Africa, but which is the one for you? Things to consider are the category in which you want to volunteer, e.g. conservation or social volunteering. The region in which the project is located might also be a factor. Minimum age, minimum duration and travel budget are further things to keep in mind.

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Arusha,Moshi,Dar es Salaam Nairobi

Nairobi,Dar es salaam, are country Cities where there are many volunteer projects where you can make a real difference. Yet at the same time in those country there are many projects where you can make a real difference, yet at the same time those countries offer a certain level of infrastructure, security and stability, which is difficult to find elsewhere in Africa. So if you would like to volunteer in Tanzania, but you have never been to East Africa before, or if you have only limited experience of third world travel, then South Africa, Namibia and Botswana are good places to choose.

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Research the needs of people in East Africa.

After you narrow down your field and location of interest, it is important to consider where you can use your skills most effectively and where the greatest need exists. Research common social and environmental issues facing communities across East Africa, and then determine which area sparks your interest most. To get you started, here are two of the most popular ways to volunteer in East Africa:.

Focus on Childrens

The majority of volunteer programs in East Africa revolve around children. Whether you are spending time with youngsters in orphanages, teaching children who have been taken off the streets, or working with children on a remote island outside of the larger urban areas, there are numerous ways for you to effectively help children as a volunteer in East Africa. Browse more childcare volunteer programs here.

Conservation Efforts.

Conservation volunteering in Africa is increasingly popular, while also highly valuable for local communities and wildlife. From supporting wildlife research in Kenya’s Maasai Mara Reserve to working in marine conservation on Mafia Island in Tanzania, international volunteers can take advantage of a variety of opportunities. Check out all GoAbroad's conservation volunteer programs now..

Investigate how the company is giving back.

Before committing to a particular organization, it is important to research their intentions and how exactly they give back to their local community. Reading the fine print will help you avoid an undesirable scenario once you are actually in East Africa, when it will be much harder to turn back. One of the most important things to be aware of is how a company is spending the money they receive, both from volunteers and donors.

Start searching for organizations and program providers

Connecting with a reliable organization in East Africa can be a daunting task, so working with a well-established volunteer program provider can make the process of finding a program much easier. These companies are dedicated to helping volunteers find a sustainable organization that will help them have a measurable impact during their time abroad. You may be thinking: why give your hard-earned money to a company if you could just do the same thing for free? Good question -- signing-up with a third-party provider gives you the reassurance that you will be working with a vetted organization that you can trust with your experience..

Choosing the right program provider through notable third-party providers is key.

Don't just choose the first organization or program you find; instead, do extensive research and weigh your options thoroughly before you apply. One of the most important things to do before becoming a volunteer in East Africa is ensure you will be a responsible voluntourist, so your volunteer work can make the greatest impact.

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